"Cherie exudes warmth, care and friendship underpinned with strength, determination and utter professionalism."

If you would like to speak with any of my clients please contact me, they would be more than happy to answer any questions you have in relation to my trekking expeditions.
Kindest regards,

Client testimonials: 

“In July 2019, I had the privilege to be one of five persons participating in a trip to Peru.  The focus was trekking parts of the Inka trail and ending at the holy grail – Machu Picchu via Salkantay Pass.
On the last day of our tour, we trekked to Rainbow Mountain – a wonderful finale to our trip. Initially, time was spent in and around Cusco furthering our acclimatization to altitude prior to commencing the trek.  During this and the trek, we were immersed in the local culture and history of Peru.  Upon introduction to our Peruvian Co-leader, Fermin, he was quick to establish a rapport with the group referring to us as ‘family’. Once I had made my booking, Cherie supplied comprehensive notes covering the itinerary and in-depth explanations for our preparation and planning for the trip.  This covered a clothing and equipment list, doctor’s appointment to source prescription medications, recommended immunisations and over the counter supplies.  Of most importance was the documented effects of altitude sickness – from normal symptoms to mild and through to serious symptoms.  Altitude training, prior to leaving Australia, was strongly recommended as was fitness training. Our accommodation, both in Cusco and on the trek was excellent.  Who has three hot meals consisting of multiple courses each sitting each day while trekking??
This was a trip of a lifetime for me fulfilling a long-held desire to trek Inka trails to Machu Pichu.
I cannot recommend Cherie’s tour more highly; she is the consummate professional in every way.  Cherie’s lifetime experiences are evident in her knowledge and attention to detail across a wide range of areas.  All of which combine to achieve a flawless outcome for the participants.
Thanks, Cherie for making the dream a reality.”
Helen Browne, (Salkantay to Machu Picchu Trek, 2019).

“The Salkantay to Machu Picchu expedition 2019 was the third trekking adventure I have done with Cherie and probably the best.
Cherie and her Peruvian guide Fermin planned and executed the trip perfectly.
Like most Cherie Horne treks, there is always an element of physical challenge along the way which only adds to the enjoyment and makes the experience even more special and memorable.
I thoroughly recommend Salkantay to Machu Picchu 2020 to everyone.”
Neil Ross, (Salkantay to Machu Picchu Trek, 2019).

“I wanted to say thank you for your guidance in helping me achieve my challenge of arriving safely at Everest Base Camp. From the moment I met you in store at Kathmandu with absolutely no idea what I was doing, the time you took to help me not only from an equipment perspective but also in my mental preparation was invaluable and so much appreciated. Likewise, you took a keen interest in my journey and was able to advise me live on call on the way up the mountains to navigate some of the many challenges that were unfolding daily. You contributed so much to my personal success and could not recommend more highly that people seek you out to help them as well.
Thanks again, Cherie!
Phil, (Everest Base Camp, April 2019).

“I have completed three treks under Cherie’s leadership, Everest Base Camp in 2011, Kilimanjaro in 2013, at the age of 68, and Machu Pichu via the Salkantay Pass Route in 2016. Cherie has provided excellent pre-trek training and information for all these journeys, she has been a caring and well-organised leader with excellent support staff. I would encourage any older people with Bushwalking experience, who still have some Treks on their “Bucket List” to consider one of Cherie’s treks.”
Liz Shave, (Salkantay to Machu Picchu Trek, July 2017).

“I only met Cherie after I have signed up for the Mt Everest Base Camp trek. I met her whilst shopping for the trip. Cherie was a great source of information about the things I needed. No doubt I was really impressed and grateful for her help as this was my first trekking holiday. Cherie was so generous with her time and information despite the fact that I didn’t sign up for one of her tours and that I have just met her. My preparation was made really easy with Cherie’s help and thus my confidence. I am so thankful for the pre-trek training she conducted at Montrose; it really was good training for the trip. This trip was a big deal for me and I have to say that having Cherie to guide me with EVERYTHING made it such a successful, enjoyable and life-changing trip. I would not hesitate to do my next trekking holiday with Cherie because I love her energy and nature.”
Kristine Brockhoff, (Mt Everest Base Camp, September 2017).

“The Machu Picchu Salkantay Trek in Peru, Cusco was an amazing adventure by far exceeded my expectations, South America is by far my favourite destination.
My many thanks to Cherie for leading an amazing trekking adventure, I’m coming back!”

Anthony Sloothaak, (Salkantay to Machu Picchu Trek, July 2017).

“My recent Kilimanjaro trek with Cherie was just the sort of trip that I was after – high altitude, challenging, exciting, but most importantly with a capable, highly experienced and passionate Trek leader.  I waited 2 years to undertake this trek with Cherie, due to the fact that no other company could offer what she does.  It exceeded all my expectations at every level.
The organisation and planning before and during the trek was exceptional.  The pre-trip communication, via email, phone calls, mail outs and trek training with Cherie kept me well informed about every aspect of the trip.  Nothing was overlooked or left to chance. I have now done several altitude treks, (my last 2 with larger companies) and I can honestly say as a solo female traveller,  I have never felt so relaxed, reassured and confident about a trip; I just left it all up to Cherie knowing she had everything from start to finish sorted and under control!
Cherie’s continuous attention to detail and our well-being at all times was outstanding; nothing ever overlook and our needs always came first.  Her medical knowledge and experience and expertise at altitude is extensive and impressive.  Always, I felt safe and confident that I was in the very best of care to meet my challenge of summiting Kili.  I will never forget on summit night when we reached Stella point how cold I was at -12 degrees, a temperature I have never experienced. I sat on a rock at the top and I couldn’t feel my hands or much else, when next thing I know Cherie was there giving me a cup of hot chocolate taking my gloves off and rubbing my hands and making sure that I ate something – sometimes it’s the little things that mean so much! It warmed me up perfectly to continue to the top where then I relied on the warm overwhelming tears of joy on my face to defrost it!  The top of Kili is a breathtaking slice of heaven and an experience I will never forget, made more unforgettable and special by the company I shared, with my other fellow trek buddy Greg, Cherie and our amazing African porters and guides.
Cherie is so personable, the perfect mix of professionalism and fun.  Her passion for what she does is contagious. I hope one day in the near future that I get the opportunity and privilege to trek with (my now new friend) Cherie again.  I couldn’t recommend trekking with Cherie highly enough!”
Kylie Bills (KB), (Kilimanjaro, January 2017).

“Thanks again for an unforgettable experience Cherie!
We couldn’t have been in more capable hands than yours. It has certainly opened my eyes to an area in life that I would never have contemplated 10 years ago.
You are a true professional in every sense of the word.
Your knowledge, strength, commitment and discipline combined with a playful humour is very reassuring and incredibly unique.
You need to experience Cherie’s guiding to believe what you’re seeing.
She is, an exceptional being!
Thanks for the amazing opportunity of climbing the highest mountain in Africa with you!”
Greg “Papa Dog” Canny, (Kilimanjaro, January 2017).

“What an adventure!
A truly amazing experience.
We were well looked after every step of the way, the guides, porters and of course Cherie, made our adventure not only stress free and wonderful, but very accommodating and safe.
Cherie’s team went well and beyond my expectations, I have such huge respect for the hard working humble Nepalese people.
Oh and the views! One cannot describe that incredibly deep blue sky, and those wise centennial mountains.
A great itinerary that included much variety to cater for everyone’s needs. I’m so grateful for this experience, it will always be one of my lifelong highlights.”
Cindy Hasthorpe, (Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes & Cho La Pass, October 2016).

“Paul and I successfully completed the Annapurna Circuit with Cherie Horne Adventure Trekking.
The 22-day trek went off without a hitch and each memorable day was indeed amazing. Every transfer, hotel reservation, and daily trekking logistics was perfectly organised by Cherie. She is an accomplished and highly knowledgeable guide who prepared us daily for altitude and supported us every step of the way.
I have no doubt every cent you spend with Cherie Horne as your guide is worth it.

Thanks Cherie Horne!”
Glynis and Paul Howard, (Annapurna Circuit, September 2016).

“After trekking to Everest Base Camp with Cherie, I would have no hesitation in booking another epic trek with her, or recommending her to anyone for an amazing trekking holiday.  It’s incredible to experience Cherie’s skills as a mountain guide, she has certainly found her calling in life and her whole purpose and passion is to make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.  As one of her interstate clients, my initial contact with Cherie was almost a year before the trek, yet she never faltered in ensuring I felt part of the group.  Weekly phone calls, fantastic training programs, and regular emails were just part of her commitment to me, so by the time I boarded the plane to Kathmandu, I was nothing short of ready for this “life-changing” adventure.  She has the perfect balance of interesting information, personal stories and friendly conversation.  This, along with her comprehensive, specialised knowledge of hiking, altitude science, medicine and nutrition meant that we were in the best possible hands the entire journey!
Thank you for being there every step of the way Cherie”

Raelene Thornton, (Everest Base Camp & Kala Patthar, October 2015).

“Leaving my 3 young kids and husband to go on an adventure to Everest Base Camp was a big deal for me. I knew as soon as I met Cherie that I was in very good hands. Cherie was very supportive and helpful and she eased some initial reservations about this epic adventure. The pre-trek training program was excellent and I was very thankful for it on some of the harder trekking moments. Cherie was great in helping get prepared not just for training, but organising clothes, gear, visas and other incidentals.
Cherie is an amazingly strong woman with a great attitude on life. Her rapport with the local Nepalese and her love for the country and people are evident. As a team, we were well looked after every step of the way and personally, she would check in on each of us to make sure we were OK and eating our food!
The EBC trek was a trip of a lifetime and I loved every moment. It was a life-changing experience for me and I would love to do a trek with Cherie again and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to do a trek.”
Sarah Butler (Everest Base Camp & Kala Patthar, October 2015).

“I recommend Cherie Horne Adventure Trekking to family and friends over and over again!
Cherie demonstrates enough strength and determination to see any group through a challenging trek and her commitment to her team before, during and post trek is beyond expectation.
The eight weeks of pre-trek training was an amazing opportunity to get to know our team, and Cherie has endless words of wisdom and advice from her years trekking around the world. The infinite follow up phone calls are full of encouragement and give ample time to ask any questions one-on-one.
Cherie’s remarkable knowledge on altitude nutrition and first-aid, along with interest and extensive knowledge of the body, health and fitness only gives confidence that you are heading into the magnificent mountain ranges with the right person!

I can’t wait to be back trekking with Cherie in 2016!!”
Emily Reynolds, (Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes & Cho La Pass, September 2015).

“I trekked to Everest Base Camp with Cherie in October 2015. Cherie is so dedicated to her clients – she will literally stay by your side and hold your hand all the way if you need it. Cherie gives peace of mind to those who may feel nervous about trekking to altitude and will coach you on everything you need to keep healthy and reach your goals. My most memorable experience was trekking to a 5,000m peak, just me, Cherie and one of our amazing Sherpa guides. When we got to the top Cherie passed me her phone so that i could call my mum. Cherie goes out of her way to create those special moments for her clients. Thank you, Cherie, for an amazing experience.”
Aimee Black,  (Everest Base Camp, October 2015).

“The Everest Base Camp trek was my second trekking holiday with Cherie after the fantastic experience of trekking up Mt Kilimanjaro with her in 2013.
Before you even get to Nepal, Cherie is dedicated to ensure everyone’s trekking experience is the best it can be – you would not get this kind of amazing personalised service if you go with a large tour operator.
Cherie guided us through the pre-trip training and helped with our general preparation so I felt very confident to take on the mountains. Cherie is a wealth of information and so generous with her time. Then on the trip everything was really well organized so all I needed to focus on was eating, sleeping and trekking through the stunning mountains of Nepal. Cherie also threw in the occasional free massage after a big day trekking – what a great holiday!
Thanks again Cherie for going above and beyond! I loved the trek and won’t forget the experience!”
Dave Pearce, (Everest Base Camp, October 2015).

“What can you say about Cherie Horne?
Well I guess I will start with that I am a ‘3T Trekker’ with her….. (3 time Trekker)!
I have trekked to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro with her and survived!
WHY you may ask?

Because Cherie prepared me, trained me, cared for me and inspired me!
She’s my Personal Trainer… Like a best friend… and well one hell of a caring person.
In her eyes nothing is more important than her trekkers!
That’s how I became a 3T Trekker with her.
I have jumped straight back into more trekking and have been to Everest Base Camp twice with her, the most recent to EBC via Gokyo Lakes.
Why you may ask would I be silly enough to do it twice?
Well it’s the training with Cherie; she prepares you so well that you are prepared for almost everything….
So then you are ready to encounter just how beautiful, life changing, rewarding and inspiring a trip to the most beautiful places in the world is thanks, to having been trained and guided by Cherie.
You can only look forward and enjoy the most rewarding experiences in the world and your life!
And not to forget the lifetime friendships that you make on these trips!
I guess that’s a small snapshot of Cherie …
But nothing really explains the passion that Cherie has…
She instills… inspires, shows, and passes on to everybody that passion that passes through Chez‘s life!
Thank you for that honour to be a friend mate!”
Ian (Crano) – 3rd Time Trekker (Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes & Cho La Pass, September 2015 .Kilimanjaro 2013, Everest Base Camp & Kala Patthar 2013).

“Our trek through Nepal to Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes was an experience that will stay with us for a lifetime. In particular crossing the Cho La Pass, summiting Gokyo Ri and Kala Patthar.
The personalised level of service that Cherie provided both pre-trek and during the trek meant that I was able to achieve my goals.
The pre-trek training was invaluable, not only in ensuring that I was physically ready for the challenge but it provided an opportunity like no other trek I’ve completed before to get to know the team we would be travelling and trekking with. It proved to be a team that we have now formed such strong bonds with and we will be friends for many more years to come.
Cherie’s commitment to each of us (her clients) individually was nothing short of exceptional.
From assisting in planning equipment needs, pre-trek training to constant encouragement, reassurance, and assistance during the trek. We felt completely, safe, empowered and accomplished!

Thanks for an unforgettable trek Cherie.”
Tracy King, (Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes & Cho La Pass, September 2015).

“I have returned to the Himalayas, again under the guidance of the diminutive physiological marvel Cherie Horne. Under great duress (broken wrist) she has continued to inspire her clients to greater things than the previous year I trekked with her.
Pure brilliance, exemplary determination and courage!
The challenge and the absolute rugged beauty of the Gokyo Lakes district, Gokyo Ri and Cho La Pass is something to be revered and is indelibly marked in my memory. A trek and comradery I shall remember forever.”
Warrick Middleton, (Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes & Cho La Pass, September 2015).

“Well, what can I say??
I had an amazing time with Cherie and her awesome Sherpa team in Nepal. 

From the 8 week pre-trek training program (included simulated altitude conditioning) through to the entire trek Cherie was there with information and help whenever needed! One of the best!!!
And remember…
No meat, just eat, eat, eat, and it’s all worth it in the end!
Thank you, Cherie.”
Stephen King, (Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes & Cho La Pass, September 2015).

“When you sign up with Cherie Horne, it’s a bit like hiring a buzz saw.  You are reasonably confident that it will do the job… but when you start it up… wow, it goes like the clappers!
You will get to know that Cherie never rests…
I spent almost two weeks with Cherie and six other trekkers hiking to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro.
She exudes warmth, care and friendship underpinned with strength, determination and utter professionalism.
All of these attributes mean that if you are in it for the ‘journey’, Cherie makes sure that it is friendly and safe with maximum experiences.  For me, this meant her incredibly detailed introduction to the trek that helped frame expectations.  Getting to know fellow trekkers whilst still in Australia made me feel more supported on the walk.  Then eight days of hiking in the middle of Africa with extraordinary sights and amazing people.  The only pressure applied was, eat and drink more and … slow down and enjoy.  
After our climb, we went on a four-day safari.  This ticked all the boxes in game viewing.  
For those in it for the “destination” I am 100% confident that if you follow the advice provided by Cherie, you will achieve your aim.  She is supremely fit, an experienced mountaineer, personal trainer and very handy medically.  When the going gets tough, Cherie will be there.  This meant eight weeks of specially designed physical training and review and testing of all our gear.  On the trek, keeping an eye on our fitness. Then near the top of Kili, Cherie spending hours going back and forth making sure that every trekker reached his or her goal.
Either way, you will not be disappointed.”
Geoff O’Kearney, (Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari, Jan-Feb, 2015)

“Climbing the tallest mountain in Africa was tough, possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done although I was well prepared after training with Cherie prior to the trip. That gave me not only the fitness required for the challenge but also confidence that my goal was achievable. On the actual summit day I went through the spectrum of emotions and am so grateful that Cherie was there to guide and support me all the way… She actually semi carried me over the line. Thanks Chez, I couldn’t have done it without you!!!”
Charelle Ainslie, (Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari, Jan-Feb, 2015)

“As a qualified and experienced high performance coach, personal trainer and specialist in high altitude trekking, Cherie ensures that you are as ready as you can be for the challenges ahead. Her eight-week training program made a huge difference to me, setting me up to enjoy the physical effort of this magnificent trek. Cherie also knows all about the gear required and is up to date through her role as a Kathmandu Best in Field gear-tester. On the trek her attention to detail is amazing, constantly monitoring and assisting the work of her carefully selected support team, and ensuring the health and acclimatisation of every trekker.
Kilimanjaro is the second high altitude trek I have done with Cherie, and was every bit as much fun as our Annapurna Circuit trek in 2013. Cherie’s training program helped build us into a team, and our camaraderie developed even further on the trek. Reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro is the hardest thing I have done in more than forty years of trekking. I am certain I would not have achieved it without Cherie’s guidance and support. Her African operator provided an excellent team of guides and porters, whose capacity and commitment was outstanding. I will never forget singing and dancing with the entire African support team after returning from our successful ascent.
After the Kilimanjaro trek I had an enjoyable and stimulating three-day tour of the fascinating Ngorongoro and Serengeti wildlife areas that was seamlessly coordinated by Cherie, using her excellent local operator. The safari exceeded all of my expectations. Our driver not only knew the animals and where to find them, he had an uncanny ability to anticipate their movements. So instead of a brief glimpse of a secretive wild animal, we were treated to extended insights into the lives of each species and their interactions within their environment.
To trek Kilimanjaro with Cherie Horne Adventure Trekking and to see Africa is to understand the real meaning of hakuna matata!”
Rob Saunders, (Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari, Jan-Feb, 2015)

“David and I travelled with Cherie and other fellow adventure travellers early this year to pursue a Bucket List item – climb Mt Kilimanjaro.
Having travelled to Africa, several years prior, I had always wanted to return. Africa leaves a deep impression on any traveller – the people, the flora and fauna, and the landscape. It beckons you to return. It did not take us long to make up our minds after we perused Cherie’s Mt Kili trip details with the option of an accompanying safari, which we did, (as well as exploring Zanzibar) we felt very safe and confident that we could achieve our aims.
The buildup started several months prior with Cherie in group trek training on Saturdays and personalised altitude training during the week. It was great to get to know our group prior to the big trek, and the altitude training enabled our bodies to adjust to low inspired oxygen levels. In picking Mt Kilimanjaro to be our first high mountain trek, we had chosen one of the higher peaks – for novice climbers in their 50’s, we were ambitious. Cherie was most helpful in getting our gear organised for the trek, and our kit bag was more than sufficient for our needs. We felt very prepared for our ascent.
This trip was one the hardest challenges I have encountered in my life. It tested me physically, mentally and emotionally but with the help of Cherie and her African guides and porters, I am proud to say I reached Stella Point on Mt Kili. Our support crew provided nutritious meals, clean toilets, portering of our bags and tents, and companionship. We travelled through various terrains and weather, and I have many beautiful photos of the trek.
It is hard to describe in words the impact of the trek – it does test you physically – you will be short of breath, you do need to increase your fluid intake and eat well, and you need to rest well at night, but Cherie is a fantastic support person to have as your leader. Encouraging and caring, she enables you to go that extra mile. She has good knowledge of medical issues particularly with the effects of altitude.
If you have a dream to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, then I highly recommend Cherie Horne Adventure Trekking – it is an unbelievable journey.
Africa pulls at the heart strings and Tanzania ticks all the boxes. Make it your next venture.”
Jenny King & David Knott (Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari, Jan-Feb, 2015)

“Climbing Kilimanjaro was something that I’d planned to do for a couple of years. It is a serious physical and mental challenge.
I am so proud to have climbed to Uhuru Peak on the 6th February 2015, along with my friends from “Team Kili”. Will always remember “Summit Day”
Having previously trekked with Cherie through Nepal, I decided to undertake this trip with Cherie Horne Adventure Trekking.
Cherie provided great leadership, support, friendship and professionalism.
Thank you so much Cherie”
Neil Ross, (Kilimanjaro Climb, Jan-Feb, 2015)

“Having never trekked at altitude, donned crampons, nor climbed anything of note other than the odd tree or two as a kid, it would be fair to say that the scaling of Island Peak in Nepal at  6.18am, inclusive of a 400 foot near vertical ice wall to reach the summit, was certainly somewhat out of my ’55 year old’ comfort zone as a first endeavour …
Suffice to say, it will not be my last!
Our guide, Cherie, was magnificent in all respects.  And not just because she can carry a 25+kg pack with ease!
Apart from being an expert mountaineer, Cherie is such a positive, caring person who is genuinely interested in the welfare of all her clients, irrespective of age, gender, fitness level, etc.  To this end, if any member of the trekking team needed assistance or a shoulder to lean on (either before or during the 18 day journey), Cherie was always there to help out.
On top of this, her preparation, training and organisational skills were meticulous and made the whole experience possible – and most enjoyable.
Thanks again, Cherie, amazing”.
Greg Keys, (Island Peak, Nepal, October 2014).

“I remember getting to Everest Base Camp with Cherie and Karma, her Sherpa co-guide on a cold afternoon. The scenery was desolate. I had reached my goal. Cherie is a great guide. My goal had become her goal. She grabbed me and cried. She said, “YOU DID IT.”
I have to say that if not for Cherie Horne I would never have started and would never have reached Everest Base Camp let alone enjoyed the journey. She was with me from the day I met her 2 years ago…through training and on the trip. If not for her I would not have experienced one of the most interesting, challenging and life changing experiences of my life. I will always be grateful to her for her support, inspiration and confidence in me to complete my journey to Everest Base Camp. She is a remarkable knowledgeable person with a big heart. When I came home the best thing happened. I have very young kids. My kids said to me, “Dad we are proud of you.”
That is what Cherie did for me.
Thank You.
PS. I am 66 years old and 4 years ago I had a quadruple bypass.”
Myer Jeruzalski, (Everest Base Camp trek, October, 2014).

“What an introduction to Nepal!
Trekking to Everest Base Camp under the expert guidance of a consummate professional, Cherie.
She had me so well prepared in mind, body and spirit for this wonderful and incredible journey.
Her inspiration and attention to all aspects of health and fitness in the pre-trek training campaign, I believe to be unsurpassed.
I could not have been better prepared for this amazing trek.
Her unwavering commitment to all her mountain trekking guests is second to none.
Did trekking in the Himalayas change my life?
A resounding yes!!
Back your soul to the Himalaya and come away, at peace with the planet.”
Warrick Middleton, (Everest Base Camp trek & Kala Patthar, October, 2014).

“I highly recommend trekking with Cherie. She is very passionate and knowledgable about what she does and gives great care and attention at all times to her trekkers. Nothing is too much trouble for her.
Her pre- trek training, and planning for the trip, was excellent and one felt fully prepared for the challenge ahead.
I would definitely trek with her again.”
Michael Scully, (Island Peak, October 2014).

“We first met Cherie at an information night covering various trips that she offered, we had wanted to trek in Nepal for a while and her enthusiasm and professionalism convinced us that we wanted her to guide us on this trip. From the very start she encouraged us in getting our fitness levels to where they needed to be and gave us so much information to be prepared from clothing lists to Visas and medications.
The trip itself was an experience of a lifetime; we completed the Annapurna Circuit in Sept/Oct 2014. On the way Cherie was so supportive, providing guidance and reassurance when we needed it, not to mention massages! The day over the pass was probably the toughest thing we had ever done, Cherie was fantastic, encouraging and staying with us every step of the way and then sharing in the elation when we finally made it to the summit.
The peace of mind we had having Cherie as our guide was priceless, her medical training was put to use on numerous occasions on other trekkers!
The scenery was amazing, we would pinch ourselves each morning when we would start out surrounded by snow clad mountains, and the Nepalese people are so warm and friendly. The children were gorgeous always smiling.
We couldn’t recommend Cherie Horne highly enough and would love to trek with her again!”
Sharon and Willem Chapman, (Annapurna Circuit trek, Sept-Oct 2014).

“We have had 3 magical weeks in Nepal trekking the Annapurna circuit. I can’t believe we just did that!  The stunning waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, terraced hillsides, stone paved paths, quaint villages and beautiful people are all etched into our memories. We even saw a snow leopard!  Not to mention the excellent food and fun times we had along the way. We could not have done it without the support and guidance of Cherie. From the first time we heard Cherie talk so passionately about Annapurna we knew that we would travel with her.  Her knowledge and attention to detail gave us great comfort.  Several independent trekkers we passed along the way said they wished they were in a group as well organised as ours. In fact Cherie reached out several times and assisted others who got into difficulties.  A tribute to her caring and professional nature. What a fantastic journey and we have Cherie to thank for making it happen. We would love to trek with Cherie again – after some well earned couch-time.”
Keith & Trudi Dicker,  (Annapurna Circuit trek, Sept-Oct 2014).

“An Everest Base Camp trek hit my bucket list not long after the death of my Mum a few years ago. Enter an overweight, unfit corporate type me approaching Cherie Horne after I signed up to do the trek months ago…Her belief in me, amazingly beneficial pre-trek training, health and lifestyle advice and experience in the mountains saw me live my dream in October/November 2013. I’II never be able to thank her enough for helping me achieve my goal and inspire me to return to a healthier and fitter life that had been lacking for some years. Sure, the Himalayas touch your soul like to other place on Earth, but the guidance from Cherie saw the tough days feeling a little bit less daunting and her passion left me literally feeling on top of the world. I can’t recommend her highly enough…I’m planning my next trip with her now!”
Tamela Dray, (Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes trek, Oct-Nov 2013).

“Cherie, thank you so much for helping me to realise my dream of going to Everest Base Camp. I truly had an amazing time and all your experience, expertise and support was outstanding! You are such an inspirational woman! Thank you again”
Michelle Smith, (Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes trek, Oct-Nov 2013).

I completed the most amazing trek of the Annapurna Circuit with Cherie. The trek exceeded all my expectations, everyday there was something very different, a new experience and knowledge gained. I can’t praise Cherie enough for what she did for me personally and the entire group of people on the trek. I had doubts about my physical capacity to do the trek but with all of Cherie’s support and training I did it and also learned a huge amount about myself. She brought all the team together, trained us for the trek, answered all our questions and knowing all the time that Cherie was there to make sure we had the best possible trip was invaluable. I knew that she was there to help at any stage and that she had my best interests at heart, especially at times when I was struggling. Her positive encouragement and support was exceptional. What was so impressive was that we were made to feel so involved during the whole trek; we were incredibly supported so we could enjoy the most amazing country, its people and the adventure as a whole.
The scenery was spectacular; the mountains, landscape, deep gorges, huge waterfalls; it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I had time to relax and think because I was so far removed from life back home. It was just an extraordinary experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip, a better group of people who I am going to miss!
I would travel with Cherie anywhere, anytime because I know how much effort she puts into it but it’s also understated how she makes it all happen without you even knowing! So a huge thank you Cherie, I appreciate it so much. I have never been on a walk experience where I felt so supported.”
Mary Saunders, (Annapurna Circuit trek, Sept- Oct 2013).

“I walked the Annapurna Circuit with Cherie as a circuit breaker to get away from my day to day life and just do something totally different and out of the ordinary. Last year I did the Everest Base Camp trek with Cherie which I got a huge amount out of so I thought I would come back to see the other side of Nepal. The trip was just fantastic; the scenery was beautiful, very diverse and quite different from the Everest side. The vegetation with incredible mountains as backdrop was a highlight. The Nepalese people were so friendly and beautiful. I had so much fun, the group of people Cherie brought together created great team dynamics. I highly recommended this trip! Thank you Cherie for making this possible, your encouragement, friendship, and love of what you do; the country of Nepal and its people is very special.”
Susan Knight,  (Annapurna Circuit trek, Sept- Oct 2013).

“The Annapurna trek was my very first trek and I had an absolutely wonderful time. I felt very well prepared before I started the trek because I had Cherie help me get fit, this included simulated altitude training which was excellent. She was a truly fantastic guide every step of the way. I just loved the trek, it was very challenging at times but very much worth all the effort. I loved the people Cherie had on the trek, everyone supported each other, it was a great team adventure. My highlight was sunrise at Poon Hill; fantastic, spectacular views of the mountains , just awe-inspiring! Personally, it was a very growing experience and I learned a lot during the whole process of the journey. I highly recommend Cherie’s trekking company. She has a great deal of expertise and is very very supportive of everybody. It was just a wonderful experience, I had a great time. I am ready to trek to Everest Base Camp now…that’s going to be my next challenge!
Thank you Cherie.”
Julia Allen, (Annapurna Circuit trek, Sept- Oct 2013).

The Annapurna Circuit has been on my ‘to do’ list for about 40 years, but for all sorts of reasons I left it until I was almost 60 to tackle it. Thanks to Cherie I felt totally prepared. Her excellent training program, detailed planning and amazing attention to detail before and during the walk ensured a safe, successful and absolutely enjoyable trek. Nepal is an amazing place, and Cherie and her Sherpa guides and porters made sure we experienced it as completely as possible, visiting shrines and temples as well as walking among the villages and seeing the amazing snow peaks all around us. It was delightful to be welcomed by the local people, to see the kids walking up the mountains with us on their way to school, and to laugh and joke with our Sherpa’s every day. I loved the amazing diversity, from lush rice terraces in the lower altitudes to the barren ruggedness of the incredible Thorung La pass at 5,416m. Every day brought new highlights, new insights, new vistas and new experiences. It was a truly memorable trek with an extremely experienced, knowledgeable and caring guide. I feel very fortunate to have been part of this group. Where to next Cherie?
Rob Saunders, (Annapurna Circuit trek, Sept- Oct 2013).

Meeting Cherie for the first time after flying into Kathmandu airport I immediately felt at ease as she welcomed me with a “g’day mate’ and helped me sort my ‘stuff.’ Her organisational skills and knowledge of her treks are exceptional, I have never seen a more relaxed team than the one that would eventually conquer the Annapurna Circuit trek lead by Cherie Horne. The amazing effort she put in to lead us to our dream is
exceptional, I hope she can lead you to yours!
Karl Bogos, (Annapurna Circuit trek, Sept- Oct 2013).

Only a few more steps, we are almost there, Mossie you are doing a tremendous job, you are so strong, you can do this, we are almost there, look up, see, can you see the flags… inside I am dying, I really don’t care if I don’t get there…surely I can stop now, surely this is far enough, it doesn’t matter that I didn’t make it, what’s in a number anyway, I just want to sit down now, I’ve had enough, this is far enough, I’m really tired now, and I don’t care anymore, this is my limit… but still the voice is there, constantly encouraging, constantly spurring me on, constantly reminding me why I came and that I am strong enough to do this, this voice believes in me, so why don’t I believe…
This is the journey up to the highest point of my Base Camp Everest adventure, this is Kala Patthar…or as some of us duped it Kelly’s guitar…and the voice that inspires me, that pulls me forward, that gives me the strength to put one foot in front of the other…that voice belongs to Cherie Horne, my trek leader. The person who believes in me even before I think I can do something, who helps me push past my own mental and physical barriers. The person who brought me this far, who makes me believe in myself and who celebrates every little milestone I reach with real heart felt joy.
What an adventure, what an amazing time, what an extraordinary woman!
Karin Mostert, (Everest Base Camp trek, May 2013).

I have now been in involved in two trekking holidays with Cherie and they can only be summed up as the most exciting times of my life. She prepares you mentally and physically before you set foot on the adventure of a life time! On the trek to Mt Kilimanjaro Cherie was a Guide, trainer, like a sister and a great friend. “Killy” (Kilimanjaro, Africa) was man against the mountain.Base Camp Everest… Wow! That was the greatest, fun trip….personally the most enjoyable trip, this was due to the great personal help from Cherie and her training programme. The Base Camp Everest expedition was everything you want -personal goals, forming great lifelong friendships, and the country….Wow, wow!
This is the trip of a lifetime!
If you are going to trek anywhere, Base Camp Everest with Cherie Horne is the trip for you!
Thank you to Cherie!
Ian Cranston, (Everest Base Camp trek, May 2013).

OMG I trekked to Base Camp Everest! I don’t know how many times in various places I  say those words smile and think about what my next challenge will be. Going to one of the Cherie’s trek info sessions as support to my friend who has always wanted to do this trek – and never really interested in trekking myself – I first met Cherie Horne. After an amazing presentation I walked out of there ready to book my trip! Cherie’s training sessions were challenging but fun – the group got to know each other before the trip and I was getting excited. Cherie was in contact every day and helped with all our gear. And then we trekked! One of the most amazing journeys of my life. I laughed, cried, walked – met incredible people, saw astounding scenery and got my photo taken at Base Camp under the highest mountain in the world – with Cherie there beside us all the way. All I can say is my next trek will be with Cherie Horne. Take a chance and see where it will lead you……
Kate Smith, (Everest Base Camp trek, May 2013).

What can I say about Cherie…you can sum Cherie up in two words SUPER WOMAN! She makes you believe you can do anything you set your mind to and helps you all the way. She is a pocket dynamo and her passion is unwavering. I guess the proof of how much I believe in her is that I have signed up and started training for the next trek. I guess a quick insight  in to her was the first morning in Moshi I woke up at 5 am and went for an early walk and to my surprise there’s Cherie up as well and off we go for an easy 1.5 hour walk heading to town and looking at the local country side and locals all before the rest were up for breakfast. If you’re going to trek the only person to go with is Cherie Horne it’s like having your personal trainer, your sister, friend and God she’s like a super mum with you!
Ian Cranston, (Kilimanjaro climb, January 2013).

If you would like to test yourself and want to step outside your comfort zone, then climbing Mt Kilimanjaro may be a good challenge for you. I’m proud to say that I’ve trekked to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain, reaching the top gave me a great sense of accomplishment. I made it to the summit with the help of Cherie Horne, the pocket rocket action adventurer extraordinaire. Taking on anything of substance usually is made easier and more enjoyable when you get some help. Cherie was there to help and guide me from the moment I signed up to the expedition, which made the whole experience more enjoyable and exciting. There’s no doubt that in some way you will be challenged on Mt Kilimanjaro. If you trek with Cherie, you will feel comfortable knowing that you’re on the mountain with someone who is knowledgeable, experienced and focussed on helping you achieve your goal.
Dave Pearce, (Kilimanjaro climb, January 2013).

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro was the second trip I’ve done with Cherie Horne and I am very proud at the age of 68 to have achieved my goal in reaching the summit of Africa’s highest mountain. She is a supportive, encouraging and professional guide who has a genuine love of the mountain she guides on. Her commitment to pre-trip training and genuine desire for clients to reach their goal safely offers the best chance of a successful climb/trek.
Liz Shave, (Kilimanjaro climb, January 2013).

The trek to Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar with Cherie Horne in Sept-Oct 2012 was simply the best trip I have ever been on. From the moment I signed up for the trek Cherie was in touch with me constantly. I signed up for the 8 week training package which was the best thing I did as Cherie ensured I was fit and ready for the trip. Her experience and expertise is invaluable. She takes care of every detail from the sponsorship with Kathmandu in Hampton East so we could buy clothing and equipment at incredibly discounted prices to advise about food, nutrition, and training. Cherie phoned me every week checking if I was ok and going well with training, her constant support and encouragement kept me on track. On the trip, Cherie constantly checked on our wellbeing. Every day she checked our pulse rate and oxygen level which was reassuring. She knew what our individual goals were and she made sure we achieved them. Cherie is an incredibly strong and fit guide who is dedicated, thorough, thoughtful, knowledgeable, fun and caring and now a great friend, we all had such a fun and amazing time thanks to Cherie and her team of guides. It was a life-changing experience and I can’t wait for the next adventure and it will be on one of Cherie’s trips. She’s simply the BEST!”
Michelle Sheehan, (Base Camp Everest trek, September 2012).

“If you are thinking about taking on the adventure of a lifetime I fully recommend that you try this one with Cherie. The care that she takes of all of her clients is faultless. Her excitement in the mountains is contagious even with the few injury issues that I had I still had the most amazing time and even when you don’t think that you are going to make her faith in you makes you push on and achieve your goals. I am so glad that I experienced this with Cherie. I have made friends that I will never forget and have had experiences that will stay with me for the rest of my life.”
Sue Buhagiar, (Base Camp Everest trek, September 2012).

“If you are looking for an adventure that will test you both emotionally and physically then you must have a crack at base camp Everest. There are other Company’s who do this trek, but if you want to be professionally guided and led by the best then you must do it with Cherie Horne. Cherie is the ultimate professional who has trekked, many times in other countries of the world, but who specialises in the adventures in Nepal. Your adventure  whilst trekking under the guidance of Cherie will provide you with an experience that will last in your memories forever.”
John Dalton, (Base Camp Everest trek, September 2012).

“Cherie, you did a fantastic job looking after all of us. You are a very passionate person when making sure all members of the group enjoy themselves and are made to feel part of the group. You have a tremendous amount of knowledge to be gained by listening to and watching how you go about your job. (I can’t get over how physically strong you are probably carrying 1/2 you body weight). I can’t wait until we can do it again someday soon.”
Robert Gaffney,(Base Camp Everest trek, September 2012).

“If you have a desire to do some trekking I can guarantee that Cherie will make your trip a unique and safe experience. Cherie has the ability to anticipate and prepare you for what’s ahead making the trip a carefree and fun experience. She has vast experience in technical climbing around the world. I believe No Roads are privileged to have her as one of their trekking guides. Thanks Chez for an unforgettable holiday”!!!
Glynis Howard, (Base Camp Everest trek, September 2012).

“My Everest Base Camp trip was the most fantastic experience of my life and I will forever be indebted to Cherie for the experience. I never had to worry about a thing, everything was so well managed by Cherie that nothing was an issue. On days that were hard she motivated and inspired me to go on and made us all laugh on so so many occasions. It was the best experience ever!”
Katrina Weber, (Base Camp Everest trek, September 2012).

“In March 2012 I completed a trek to Base Camp Everest with an adventure group led by Cherie. This trek, although at times physically and mentally challenging, is one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. I recommend it to anyone.”
Neil Ross, (Base Camp Everest, March 2012).

“Cherie’s leadership is excellent and her organisation, support, and advice is first class. I would be more than happy to follow her anywhere!” Craig Irwin (Base Camp Everest trek, March 2012).

“Cherie was instrumental in my preparation to Climb Aconcagua. She provided a fun and informative but tough program for me to follow to best prepare me for my challenge ahead. I was successful with my climb and I owe a great deal of thanks to Cherie for her assistance in getting me ready.”
Stuart Darnley, (Aconcagua, South America, January 2012).

“Cherie’s leadership, training and support before and during the trip was first class. Without it I am not sure I would have completed the trek.” Susan Knight, (Base Camp Everest trek, March 2012).

“Trekking to Base Camp Everest is a challenging experience with great rewards for your efforts. The accomplishment won’t sink in until you are back home and reflect on the achievement of family and friends. Cherie has great knowledge and understanding of what is required to ensure a safe and successful expedition. She guides fantastically, provides second to none leadership that will enable you to have a ‘never to be forgotten trek’, I wish I was back there! What more can I say…Thank you Cherie.”
Glenn Golder, (Base Camp Everest, March 2012).

“Cherie’s leadership and support could not be faulted before during and after the trek. Her dedication, commitment, and professionalism was excellent. Thanks to her I successfully achieved my goal of reaching Base Camp Everest – an great personal accomplishment.”
Patrick O’Donnell (Base Camp Everest trek, March 2012).

“Thank you Cherie for your amazing leadership, friendship and support. My time at Everest was amazing, thank you for inspiring me and making this trip possible.”
Erica Bayliss, (Base Camp Everest trek, March, 2012).

“Cherie, your help and leadership was fantastic. You showed true leadership and I hope you continue to follow your passion in the future. Thank you.”
Peter Pavlovic, (Base Camp Everest trek, March 2012).

“Cherie’s training and advice could not have been better as I trained for my Himalayan adventure. Her first-hand knowledge was invaluable and know that I could not have done it without her. Thanks to her, I was very well prepared and, as a result, had the trip of a lifetime. She is a professional with a wealth of knowledge surrounding health and fitness!”
Steph Sanders, (Base Camp Everest, Island Peak, Nepal March 2011).

“I successfully trekked to Everest Base Camp & Island Peak Base Camp under Cherie’s guidance in March 2011 aged 66 years. Cherie provided me with very good advice on physical preparation prior to the expedition and lots of positive encouragement and practical support throughout my challenging Himalayan adventure. I hope to undertake another trek with Cherie, probably Kilimanjaro, Africa before I hang my walking boots up.”
Liz Shave, (Base Camp Everest & Base Camp Island Peak, March 2011).

“I first met Cherie in September 2010. I was part of a charity expedition going to Island Peak (Nepal). Cherie was the team’s trainer for the trip and I don’t think anyone forgets their first impressions of Cherie. My thoughts were – well this PT certainly knows her stuff and backs it up with huge mountaineering credentials. Prior to our expedition to Nepal I had little mountaineering experience and new the challenges that lay ahead, Cherie was very clear from the start as to what needed to be achieved and exactly how each member of the expedition could do that. Cherie has numerous training locations and training practices to get you to what level you need to be at. Whether it is trekking to Everest Base Camp, climbing Mount Everest or winning the Tour de France, you wont be disappointed with Cherie as your trainer. Her passion for the mountains is also clear, with a real possibility of her being one of only three Aussie women to have climbed the Seven Summits of the World. Her mountaineering resume is impressive and grows each year. Lastly, I cannot think of anyone better to take you to high places. You get a personal trainer before the expedition and then that trainer is also your guide on the mountain. Cherie knows you, your background and how to get you to the summit safely.”
Warren “Sheepy” Sanders, (Base Camp Everest & Island Peak, March 2011).

“I met Cherie back in the middle of 2010 prior to successfully summiting Mera Peak with her as one of my two Western Guides a few months later. It was at the high camps and on our 15 hour summit day I was especially glad to have her by my side, that she knew me enough by that stage to actually provide the personalised advice and assistance that I needed. Being able to train personally with Cherie prior to leaving for Nepal meant I started this expedition with not only a Western Guide, but with a friend.
Hiking with Cherie and participating in her training program prior to leaving for Nepal was a really fun way to get to know my team mates, it offers endless hours of question time so that you can really find out everything thing and more that you could possibly want to know about trekking and climbing before you head off. After witnessing first hand in Nepal the misinformation that many trekkers and climbers were being subjected to it was a relief to be able to put full trust in that I was  properly prepared for the task ahead.

Cherie has a love for the mountains in it’s truest form, the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly – equally. She is always the most prepared, calm when faced with a situation, first to carry a load or help others, never complains and has the heart and courage of a lion.
I can not think of one person who I would rather have by my side on big peaks in the future and I can’t wait to climb again with you soon mate!”

Jade Jackson, (Mera Peak, Nepal, September 2010).

“In 2008 I climbed Aconcagua in South America with Cherie. It was here where I observed first hand her strength as a mountaineer. Her determination along with, her mental and physical strength were phenomenal. Cherie has such an incredible passion for the mountains and the challenges they provide coupled with a respect for their unique peace and beauty. Since 2008 Cherie has developed into an successful mountain guide, whose professionalism, passion and drive have enabled her to provide incredible trekking holiday’s and opportunities to her clients. Cherie is a wealth of knowledge and will support, encourage and help you achieve your best from start to finish”.
Pheobe Garside, (Acongagua, South America, January 2008).

“From the moment I met Cherie. I found that she was inspiring and passionate about life, and was on a mission to have the people around her achieve amazing results! I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with Cherie in 2007. Her health and fitness advice leading up to the trip enabled me to reach my goal of summiting the 5895m peak. The thought of what I achieved still thrills me. Cherie is a leader who brings energy and fun to the lives of the people around her. I will always be grateful for what you have helped me achieve Cherie.”
Liz Devlin, (Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa, January 2007).

“I am fortunate to have known Cherie since 2004, prior to successfully summiting Mount Everest in 2005.  Cherie was to introduce herself to our team at one of our information nights.  On first speaking to her, we could see that she was a self motivated, dedicated professional, fully committed to our cause in summiting Everest and raising funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  From that day in 2004 she became a supporter of our team, attending our various training sessions where we cemented our friendship… including training sessions through the Dandenong Ranges, Arthur Seat, Grampians, Victorian High Country and the wildness of Tasmania. Cherie was a dedicated member of our team, spending the entire 10 weeks with us at Everest Base Camp and occasionally disappearing into the Khumba Ice Falls where she commenced her passion for mountaineering. Cherie has now climbed mountains in New Zealand, Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and Alaska.  She now delivers an excellent personalised trekking adventure service and regularly returns to Nepal, guiding groups to Everest Base Camp, Gokyo Lakes, Annapurna and also Africa to guide on Mount Kilimanjaro.  I look forward to continuing our friendship and hopefully we will hit the mountains again together for another adventure.  Live life to the full….”
John Taylor ( J.T.) Everest Summiteer, 31st May 2005 -9.40 a.mJT & I EBC 2005