Kilimanjaro 2007

Kilimanjaro - (5895m) Tanzania, Africa Summit Achieved: 12/1/2007


“JUMBO” everyone! 🙂 That means “hello” in Swahili. On Friday 12th January 2007 at 4.45am l successfully climbed the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.

l would like to share my thoughts with you all.

I experienced 2 extraordinary weeks that touched me in various special ways. This is why my 7 Summits journey is so rewarding and enriching…….. as it’s not just the summit that counts!

During my time away it occurred to me more than ever before just what we can experience and learn in such a short period of time if we make a POSITIVE, PRO-ACTIVE DECISION to act and do something worthy with our lives.

I believe we all have the potential for an amazing, unique and special existence. LIFE IS A GIFT so it would be wise to make the very most of it!

This is was I achieved in 2 weeks:

  • Climbed the highest mountain in Africa – Mt. Kilimanjaro (5896m)
  • Escaped the “rat-race” of our unfortunate hectic lifestyles and connected with nature
  • Experienced and enjoyed the freedom and simplicity of our  environment
  • Made new and interesting friends from other parts of the world
  • Attained special and lasting memories
  • Integrated with one of the most poverty-stricken cultures of the world
  • Taken over 400 awe-inspiring photographs
  • Laughed so much it hurt 🙂
  • Cried with emotions of joy, sadness and exhilaration
  • Played like a child, dance and sang with beautiful African people
  • Climbed like a “mountain-buffalo” (what my African guide, Charles called me)
  • Observed my friend accomplish the greatest and most difficult achievement of her life……well done Liz you’re a star!
  • Moved a step closer to one of my goals in life (7 Summits)

And finally…….

  • Became even more aware and thankful of just how lucky l am to live in beautiful Australia – a country with freedom, choice and endless possibilities.

So what am l saying?

Well, life IS and CAN be exceptional for all of us.

I’m definitely not suggesting you have to go and climb a mountain (literally) to appreciate and understand this. However, we ALL have our own unique and special mountains to climb, explore, nurture and most importantly believe in.

I think, if you COMMIT and search for this you can truly live a wonderful and exciting life. A life in which you will grow, gain wisdom and insight.

As you conquer one little mountain of your own it will be a catalyst for more mountains of greater scale and dimensions. You will gain confidence, motivation and self-awareness to make the most of your life and maximise the potentiality it has to offer.

I believe, the risk of NOT making important life-changing decisions and attitudes is far more detrimental than BEING courageous and true to yourself.

There simply is…….. NO TIME TO WASTE! 🙂