Altitude Training

An innovative way to peak performance and well-being.

What is Simulated Altitude Training (SAT)?

The goal of altitude training is to elicit a change in your blood oxygen saturation (SaO2) levels. This will lead to certain physiological responses. Normally, we all have a SaO2 of between 96%-100% when we are at sea level (the O2 concentration of sea-level air is about 20.9%). However, when you breathe low-oxygen air your blood oxygen saturation levels drop which causes the body to cope with reduced oxygen availability. These adaptations are the goals of altitude training.

Types of altitude training:

Passive intermittent hypoxic training (IHT) involves sitting and breathing reduced oxygen air.

Active training in simulated altitude requires equipment that can generate enough airflow of reduced O2 air to enable a person to breathe properly while exercising. Mask or chamber based systems are the two main ways of doing this.

Benefits of Simulated Altitude Training:

  • Pre-Acclimatisation for trekkers/mountaineers
  • Improved Body Composition
  • Enhanced Physical Performance
  • Physiological Adaptations
  • Weight Loss
  • Psychological Benefits
  • Time Efficient Training

What type of simulated altitude training do I use?

I use a Gym Chamber System.


Gym Chamber System

Simulated altitude gym chambers are an active low oxygenated (hypoxic) training room converted to a simulated altitude environment. Low oxygen air to the chamber is supplied by hypoxic unit and generator combinations. The gym chamber l use will be operated at altitudes equivalent to 3400m or 14% oxygen.

Gym Chamber System

Assessment Protocols
Each client who wants to start altitude training with me must go through a medical screening process. If the client is suitable the client will then be base-line tested to determine how they respond to low oxygen environments. The baseline test is used to plan the starting oxygen percentages and exercise intensity for training with the mask-based system.

I am a qualified Level 2 ATS (Altitude Technology Solutions), Simulated Altitude Instructor.

Altitude Packages (Gym Chamber System)

Please talk to me about Snap Fitness Altitude membership packages to meet your specific needs.


Chamber Based Altitude Training
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