Thank you sponsors, your support and commitment assist me in my adventurous journey!

Thank you to my Official Sponsors:

Megaburn Australia
Super Sprout
Green Nutritionals



Nutrition is such an important part of my life and being sponsored by Megaburn Australia, makers of  all natural, great tasting, nutrient rich products is a privilege. Megaburn products are created with an understanding of how the human body works and what is available naturally to promote good health.
With ingredients like bananas, apricots, strawberries, cherries, almonds, brazil nuts, almonds, tahini, flaxseeds, chia seeds and sunflower seeds you will see and taste why everyone talks about them – and I couldn’t perform without them!
The bottom line – Megaburn products are Natural Nutrition and they give your body what it’s been missing. It’s really that simple!!! They Taste Good, Naturally.
I’m proud to be a “Megaburn Athlete” who is fuelled with awesome tasting natural nutrition! Be it in the mountains or training at home everywhere I go Megaburn nutrition goes too!!
Thank you John and Amanda,
Thank you Megaburn.

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I am proud to be sponsored by Super Sprout, makers of 100% Pure Australian Fruit and Vegetable Powders. Super Sprout is a revolution in nutrition that benefits my hectic and demanding lifestyle in the mountains and at home! Getting my daily dose of fresh fruits and vegetables in the mountains is very difficult but with the large variety of Super Sprout products readily available to me it has never been easier. Quite simply Super Sprout is – Super Foods. Super Fast!

Super Sprout – I will be taking them to exceptional places around the world!
Thank you Melinda and Kellie.
Thank you Super Sprout!

Thank you so much John, your support, knowledge and generosity has been incredible!

Since  taking Green Nutritionals my health and performance has never been better!
The Pure Ocean-Source MarineMAGNESIUM has changed my life and many other high quality products such as the GreenCALCIUM , Organic Amazon ACAI, Hawaiian Pacifica SPIRULINA, Australian Organic SUPERGRASS, Hawaiian Natural ASTAXANTHIN & Organic African Baobab are all part of my daily nutritional supplementation.
GREEN NUTRITIONALS are truly the ‘World’s Best’ quality superfoods!
If you want optimum health & performance in life go  GREEN NUTRITIONALS…
I do!!