Sponsorship Proposal

I offer my commitment & loyalty to you.

In order to achieve and complete my Seven Summits goal l will need ongoing financial support from loyal and enthusiastic sponsors. It will be extremely difficult to follow my aspirations without the financial backing of committed sponsors.

I would also like to hear from interested sponsors who would like to support my trekking adventure business – Cherie Horne Adventure Trekking.

Promotion of sponsor:

All sponsors l attract will be respected and managed with professional integrity. As a sponsored adventurer, l will ensure to wear the sponsorship logo, clothing, and equipment during all my trekking and climbing expeditions including during daily training when not overseas.

In addition to this l will endeavour to provide as much media exposure possible to my sponsors such as: radio, t.v interviews, Facebook, Twitter, newspaper & magazine articles, photographs, presentation and motivation talks, invitations to sporting and corporate functions.

I will offer my sponsor:

  • Commitment, professionalism, and loyalty
  • Long term business partnership
  • Enthusiasm, dedication, and positive attitude
  • Excellent people & communication skills
  • Public speaking involvement
  • Motivational speaking
  • Mentoring programs
  • Promotion of active  and responsible living
  • Health, fitness, and nutrition awareness.
  • Commitment to raising the profile of adventure sports, in particular trekking & mountaineering.
  • Product exposure and technology
  • Product and gear testing
  • Company logo and links on my website & Facebook business page
  • International company and product exposure
  • Company advertising and exposure on all international guiding and mountaineering expeditions 
  • Incredible outdoor adventure photography and video footage


Cherie Horne

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