Group Training

Group training for general health, fitness and trekking adventures!


Group Training Program 2019

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Group Trek Training Program 

All clients booked on my trekking expeditions have the option of participating in a comprehensive pre-trek training program conducted by myself.

This specific conditioning schedule will ensure all participants signed up for my treks will be in optimum fitness, both physically and psychologically for their trekking adventure.

The training is very specific to the demands of Himalayan, African & Peruvian trekking expeditions that includes outdoor group training and simulated altitude training.

This is also a fantastic opportunity to meet and train with fellow trekkers so we are all friends and part of a team by the time we fly out of Australia to Nepal, Africa or Peru.

The training program is fun, it’s specific to the goal and will assure you are ready to have an incredible trekking adventure you will never forget!

* This program is also open to non-trekking clients who would like to join my trekking team for an exciting 8 weeks of fun, fitness and adventure!

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Phase 1 – Strength & Conditioning
Weekly sessions on Saturday and/or Sunday mornings

Phase 2 – Trek Specific
Weekly sessions on Saturday and/or Sunday mornings

Simulated Altitude Training
Weekly sessions at Snap Fitness Camberwell, Victoria.

Non-trekking clients are welcome!

All clients not participating in either of my treks are most welcome to any of the Group Trek Training (GTT) sessions (excluding altitude training which involves additional costs).
GTT price: $20.00 per session.

If you have further enquiries regarding the trek training schedule please contact me on: 0407 362 598.