Salkantay – Machu Picchu Trek: July 1st – 10th, 2017

Follow the team as we trek the ultimate way to Machu Picchu!

Team: Liz, Tracy, Bailey, Steve, Anthony and Ian
Guides: Cherie, Fermin Alvarez and our Peruvian support crew

Named among the “25 Best Treks in the World” by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine the Salkantay – Machu Picchu Trek follows a beautifully remote and ancient footpath in the same region as the classic Inca Trail.
What makes this adventure so exceptional is the less frequented trekking route is spread over extended days to relish a myriad of diverse and spectacular views so my team of adventurous trekkers can truly enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty of the Andes away from jam-packed trekking crowds of the classic Inca Trail.
Our breathtaking journey will take us to remote altitudes, crossing an exceptionally steep and snowy high pass of 4,600m – the Salkantay Pass. Trekking under the grand, snow-girt mass of the thrilling Sacred Inca Mountain, Salkantay (6,264m) will be totally astounding as the south face of this revered peak towers high above us.
This mesmerising journey will enable us to see the change in different ecological floors, from subtropical areas and stunning peaks and glaciers, to finally reach the acclaimed “Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu”.
There is no doubt my team will experience a remarkable blend of awe-inspiring scenery, high snow-capped mountains, lowland jungle, lush tropical rain forests, challenging trekking, culture and natural beauty that is truly unique to the Andes.
Let our Salkantay – Machu Picchu adventures begin!

Follow the team as we trek the ultimate way to Machu Picchu!

This is our day to day itinerary for you to follow:
Day 1:
Saturday 1st July

Arrival to Jorge Chaves International Airport, Lima (1,550m) – Transfer to Hotel Miraflores Suites Centro, Lima.
Day 2:
Sunday 2nd July

Lima (1,550m) – Connecting Flight to Cusco (3,400m) – Transfer to Hotel Ruinas, Cusco.
Day 3:
Monday 3rd July

Acclimatisation day in Cusco (3,400m). History and culture tour of the Incas and Peruvian lifestyle. Trek orientation and clothing & equipment check. Hotel Ruinas, Cusco.
Day 4:
Tuesday 4th July

Cusco (3,400m) – Mollepata (2,900m) – Soraypampa Camp (3,850m) – Tent Camping.
Day 5:
Wednesday 5th July

Soraypampa Camp (3,850m) – Salkantay Pass (4,600m) – Andenes (2,970m), Colpapampa Camp (2,850m) – Tent Camping.
Day 6:
Thursday 6th July

Colpapampa Camp (2,850m) – La Playa (2,400m) or Hot Spring (2,150m) – Tent Camping.
Day 7:
Friday 7th July

La Playa – (2,400m) or Hot Spring (2,150m) – Hydro-electrica (1,800m) – Aguas Calientes (2,040m) – Hotel Tierra Viva Machu Picchu.
Day 8:
Saturday 8th July
Aguas Calientes (2,040m) – Machu Picchu (2,450m) – Cusco (3,400m) – Hotel Ruinas, Cusco.
Day 9:
Sunday 9th July

Cusco (3,400m) – Free day in Cusco (3,400m) – Hotel Ruinas, Cusco.
Day 10:
Monday 10th July

Cusco (3,400m) – Transfer to airport for onward flights to Lima and back to Australia.
End of Salkantay Machu Picchu Trek.

Enjoy our Machu Picchu adventure…
We certainly will!

It’s time to explore and enjoy the Peruvian mountains!


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