Reflection 2018

Reflection can be a powerful catalyst for positive change and personal growth.

Happy Monday Friends,
Yes, today is the last day of 2018.
It is often a day when people decide to set big goals for the New Year. 
I like to use today, in fact, the last month of the year to reflect on the past twelve months and what I can learn from it?
Have you made time for personal reflection and considered what you could learn and how you could grow from it?
I am sure everyone has achieved many wonderful things, please don’t discount that! Think about all the moments that you will cherish and never forget. Experiences that have challenged your inner strength, moments that have made you laugh with joy, sad moments of grief, heartache, and tears. 
Yes, a myriad of emotions; all the aspects of life that make us human, existing in the world called life.
Through conscious reflection, many lessons can be learned from the past year and perhaps now is the day, if you haven’t already, to consider all aspects of your life?
Perhaps there are areas that can be improved?
Most importantly, next year can provide a path to walk towards improving them step by step…day by day…. month by month.
I believe that is how we grow and become closer to the person we truly want to be.
The best version of ourselves.
That will bring us inner peace, health, gratitude, and happiness.
What positive changes would you like to make in 2019?
What areas of your life do you want growth in? 
Personal? Health? Relationships? Spirituality? Work?
Embrace personal growth that is meaningful to you in 2019 and relish the rewards!
Happy reflection friends! 
Reflection can be a powerful catalyst for positive change and personal growth.
– Cherie Horne
Ps: Who knows where I took this incredible photo? 
A breathtaking place for my trekking clients!!


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