Salkantay to Machu Picchu Success 2019!

Hello Adventure Friends!!

I am very proud to announce that my wonderful clients achieved their Machu Picchu goal in 2019 by successfully trekking across the spectacular Salkantay Pass (4,600m) to Machu Picchu.

Congratulations to Christine, Helen, Chris, Greg, and Neil! 

If you would like to see all the photos from our adventure please visit my Facebook Page:

Christine, Helen, Chris, Greg and Neil all walked with courage, determination, and passion for the great outdoors and challenge that goes with embarking on such a significant journey.

Thank you very much, Fermin, my amazing Peruvian co-guide who without his help cannot make these extraordinary adventures possible for my clients.

The days we all spent together were special, have imprinted lasting memories and friendships that will remain with us forever!

I feel honoured to have been able to make 2019 a year of adventure for Christine, Helen, Chris, Greg, and Neil.

I cannot wait to return to Peru in 2020 with new clients who are inspired to live their dream and trek to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu via the Salkantay Pass.

If Machu Picchu is on your ‘bucket list’ I would be delighted to guide you every step of the way!!

Bookings are now open for 2020 Salkantay to Machu Picchu Trek – 12 days including Rainbow Mountain Hike.
Date: 17 July – 28 July 2020

If you are looking for another incredible trekking adventure in 2020…..I will also be guiding an 18 day Everest Base Camp Trek in October.
Everest Base Camp – 18 days
Date: 4 October – 21 October 2020
Bookings open now!

If you have any questions please contact me and I will be happy to answer all your questions.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!






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